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Happy ending..  
03:55pm 10/02/2017
Syona aka the Silicon Shaman
There's been a cat coming around, scarffing the left-over cat-food we put out for the 'whatevers' [cats, hedgehogs, foxes badgers etc].  A very fluffy, very pretty tabby with a white bib and ankle socks... who if she didn't have some Mainecoon somewhere in her ancestry I'd be very surprised, because she's a BIIIG ol' puddy tat!

Anyway, I've been gradually getting her to come closer, so I could get a proper look at her. She seemed scared and lost.. and having asked around no-one knew who she belonged to.

So, I managed to snag her last night, brought her in and fed her. [and she's a real cuddle Velcro cat!]. Today, I took her to the vets and got her scanned for a microchip.. and luckily she has one.

Her home is the far side of town, about 10-12 miles away, and she'd been missing for 7 weeks... and I could hear her owners squeal of joy as the vet told her over the phone that she'd been found from all the way over on the far side of the waiting room.

So, that was my good deed for the day.

And please, if you see a cat that's new to your area, catch them if you can and check to see if they belong to anyone and have them scanned... because my neighbours had seen her around for several weeks before today, and not done so.

Also, microchips are the best thing you can do for your pet!

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