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Monthly Monday Muse Bait...[ M3B]  
01:25pm 06/02/2017
Syona aka the Silicon Shaman
So, I'm dipping my toe into community funding by following Ysabet's lead.

On the first Monday of the month, I'll be taking prompt calls upon a theme . The plan is, I'll try to write a short piece [~500 words] for one free prompt per person over the following week [more or less] and more if they sponsor a piece/prompt. Prices start at £1 for 500 words [extra] on your freebie prompt fill or one extra prompt fill of 500 words. And yes, you can sponsor other peoples prompts so if everyone wants to see a story continued, they can chip in.

However...this month I need theme suggestions as well!!

So, the theme for this Muse Bait Monthly is: unexpected developments!
This can be  set in the  polychrome universe, or any universe you care to describe [although if it's not one I'm familiar with, I'll ask for details], or an original/generic universe of my own making. You can specify characters and/or settings for prompt fills as well.

Payment is via paypal, [in uk pounds sterling please otherwise the exchange rates screw me.].
Payment made to: raised.by.cats@gmail.com
[and please tell me your username on DW/LJ and what it's for otherwise I can't keep things straight!]

I'll collect theme suggestions on this post as well, and either decide myself which to use, or post a poll if there's enough. Ideally, I'd like to get 12 or more.

Signal boosts will mean you definitely get a prompt fill, or an extra long prompt fill if you have one already.

I'll run this until noon[gmt] tomorrow and post up stories as they're written.

Prompt call is now closed. Posting will commence shortly.

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