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Rebooting RNV Exeter...  
07:48pm 20/01/2017
Syona aka the Silicon Shaman
I have some problems with the projected story arc for this series. Most of which are traceable to the fact that it just doesn't fit well in the polychrome heroes universe.

So... I'm giving serious consideration to rebooting the story by rewriting it somewhat. The existing chapters will be re-posted, but I'll keep the originals up as well. The world will be very similar to ours, but projected forward a hundred years or so. After all, I do all this climate modelling, might as well use that info...

There will be differences in the story, inevitably, but I will keep the majority of characters and events. It's where the story arc was going that I had problems with.

At least.. that's what I'm considering doing. However, I'm interested in feedback, for or against, so please let me know. Conversation hopefully will spark ideas.

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09:06am 21/01/2017 (UTC)
Ace Lightning: above clouds
I wasn't seeing the story as being all that closely embedded in Terramagne. Rewriting it sounds as if it might work. But no matter what you do with it, I want to keep reading it!
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11:26am 21/01/2017 (UTC)
Syona aka the Silicon Shaman
Having talked over options with Ysabet [who is frankly, a better writer than me anyway] I'm sticking with the original setting, just pruning back the plot thicket somewhat to streamline the story. Which need not affect what's already written. [I.e yay for not having to rewrite things!]

Then I might start something fresh but loosely based on it. I was planning on writing an Original Content story this year anyway, although I wasn't sure where to set it.
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01:43pm 21/01/2017 (UTC)
Ace Lightning: books01
Fair enough. Just please don't edit out the cat!
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01:44pm 21/01/2017 (UTC)
Syona aka the Silicon Shaman
I'd get beaten up by my daughter if I did that!! No, Incus I'm keeping, come what may.
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01:05pm 22/01/2017 (UTC)
Ace Lightning: Loki02
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