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Poetry fishbowl week!  
11:25pm 03/01/2017
Syona aka the Silicon Shaman
[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith  has her monthly poetry fishbowl event. This time the theme is "A glitch in the matrix". In her words;

Today's theme is "a glitch in the matrix."  I'll be soliciting ideas for computer programmers, artificial intelligence, time travelers, the misunderstood, fish out of water, outcasts, The Man, troubled relationships, expecting the unexpected, seeing things, fleeing in terror, resisting oppression, facing your demons, spotting patterns, debugging the system, computers, virtual reality, lairs, alleys, liminal zones, the system, government buildings, déjà vu, outliers, computer virus issues, bugs, no it's not a bug it's a feature, disruptions, expectations, unusual vulnerabilities, radical transformation, the inescapable, the indestructable, hubris, humility, humiliation, snags, and poetic forms in particular. But anything is welcome, really.

As usual, there's a linkback poem where new verses are revealed for each signal boost. Here
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A glitch in the matrix (fishbowl poetry), hmmm
06:17am 04/01/2017 (UTC)
castleclear: Castle Clear
Thinking of the Matrix movies, suggests:

Random Recursion, with perhaps a dash of Chaos theory (were this a recipe either for disaster or remedy.)

Wishing you every success with this poetry fishbowl!
IconoGraphic Castle Clear
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