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05:12pm 31/12/2016
Syona aka the Silicon Shaman
Welp, 2016 lies dying on the ground, breathing it's last gasp, thank heavens.

Although personally, it's not been too bad. Bought the house we rent, 'cause that way works out cheaper. Built a forge, building a workshop around it [that's still ongoing]. Had the confidence to tackle building a bed, and pulled it off. Wrote some good stuff I'm told... planning on writing more. Vertigo still kicking my ass, but I'm finding ways to work around it.

OTOH, lost some heroes, and some people I knew personally, although no-one close. Watched America start to self-destruct politically and socially as the Republicans divorced from themselves reality and are now spiralling down the black-hole of fascism under the leadership of a delusional narcissistic compulsive liar and his gaggle of cronies. Which as a method of destroying America society, given their adoption of every backwards hateful anti-progressive stance possible and tendency to loudly "defend themselves" by attacking like rabid pit-bulls at the slightest mention of criticism, couldn't have worked out better if Putin had been behind it... [and no, I don't think he's some sort of James Bond Bad Guy, and is all to blame for it]. 

Still... one good thing about that. Trump's presidency is going to be such a screaming train-wreck, it's doubtful he'll make the full 4 years, and hopefully it will spell the end for every vile disgusting bass-ackward hateful thing he and the rest of the reactionary alt-right stand for.

Downside though, the few remaining decent people who vote Republican are being caught by the splash-back, and a number have pro-activily gone net dark. Including some rather people I rather liked. Mostly because for many people, polite social discourse has died a death, and been replaced by screaming verbal poo-flinging instead.

*sigh* Not how I wanted to remember turning 50. Memorable though.

Not that I feel fifty... more like 21 and holding. I might not have done half of the things I wanted to do by now, but then again at least 3/4 of those were stupid anyway. And at least I now know what I want, and where I'm going [more or less, some details are pending].

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11:46pm 01/01/2017 (UTC)
Happy New Year! Unfriending here since I've made the move to Dreamwidth.
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