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Clowns to the left of me...  
12:27pm 20/02/2017
Syona aka the Silicon Shaman
Sponsored by Jaxomsride on LJ. Who asked, what happened next?

This is a continuation of "An Unexpected Development".
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To continue please sponsor this story. [£1 per 500 words, or £5 for >3000] Click here to sponsor.

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Happy ending..  
03:55pm 10/02/2017
Syona aka the Silicon Shaman
There's been a cat coming around, scarffing the left-over cat-food we put out for the 'whatevers' [cats, hedgehogs, foxes badgers etc].  A very fluffy, very pretty tabby with a white bib and ankle socks... who if she didn't have some Mainecoon somewhere in her ancestry I'd be very surprised, because she's a BIIIG ol' puddy tat!

Anyway, I've been gradually getting her to come closer, so I could get a proper look at her. She seemed scared and lost.. and having asked around no-one knew who she belonged to.

So, I managed to snag her last night, brought her in and fed her. [and she's a real cuddle Velcro cat!]. Today, I took her to the vets and got her scanned for a microchip.. and luckily she has one.

Her home is the far side of town, about 10-12 miles away, and she'd been missing for 7 weeks... and I could hear her owners squeal of joy as the vet told her over the phone that she'd been found from all the way over on the far side of the waiting room.

So, that was my good deed for the day.

And please, if you see a cat that's new to your area, catch them if you can and check to see if they belong to anyone and have them scanned... because my neighbours had seen her around for several weeks before today, and not done so.

Also, microchips are the best thing you can do for your pet!

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De mortis, est vita  
12:32am 10/02/2017
Syona aka the Silicon Shaman
Story date: week six?
Character: Ashley
Summary: Ashley makes two discoveries...

Note: This is an extended freebie from Ysabetwordsmith's prompt.


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Whoa.. wow..  
03:02pm 08/02/2017
Syona aka the Silicon Shaman

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An unexpected development.  
03:33am 08/02/2017
Syona aka the Silicon Shaman
Prompted by [personal profile] redsixwing  sponsored by redsixwing and [personal profile] nanila 
Word count 3,664 words.
Summery: Captain Francis Drake has rather surprising morning, while docked in Shanghai.

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09:03pm 07/02/2017
Syona aka the Silicon Shaman
Ysabet is running her poetry fishbowl event HERE. This months theme is : non-sexual intimacies.

Go, feed the fishes with prompts.

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Monthly Monday Muse Bait...[ M3B]  
01:25pm 06/02/2017
Syona aka the Silicon Shaman
So, I'm dipping my toe into community funding by following Ysabet's lead.

On the first Monday of the month, I'll be taking prompt calls upon a theme . The plan is, I'll try to write a short piece [~500 words] for one free prompt per person over the following week [more or less] and more if they sponsor a piece/prompt. Prices start at £1 for 500 words [extra] on your freebie prompt fill or one extra prompt fill of 500 words. And yes, you can sponsor other peoples prompts so if everyone wants to see a story continued, they can chip in.

However...this month I need theme suggestions as well!!

So, the theme for this Muse Bait Monthly is: unexpected developments!
This can be  set in the  polychrome universe, or any universe you care to describe [although if it's not one I'm familiar with, I'll ask for details], or an original/generic universe of my own making. You can specify characters and/or settings for prompt fills as well.

Payment is via paypal, [in uk pounds sterling please otherwise the exchange rates screw me.].
Payment made to: raised.by.cats@gmail.com
[and please tell me your username on DW/LJ and what it's for otherwise I can't keep things straight!]

I'll collect theme suggestions on this post as well, and either decide myself which to use, or post a poll if there's enough. Ideally, I'd like to get 12 or more.

Signal boosts will mean you definitely get a prompt fill, or an extra long prompt fill if you have one already.

I'll run this until noon[gmt] tomorrow and post up stories as they're written.

Prompt call is now closed. Posting will commence shortly.

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The RNV Exeter Incident 10  
01:01pm 02/02/2017
Syona aka the Silicon Shaman
[I know, it's been a looong while! Sorry.]
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It's going to be ok...  
08:22pm 28/01/2017
Syona aka the Silicon Shaman

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Upon consideration...  
02:40am 24/01/2017
Syona aka the Silicon Shaman
The new plan is to keep the RNV Exeter in the polychrome universe, although with a modified plot line [Thanks guys for debugging that!] and start a new story, in an original universe...

So, here's your chance to suggest an idea or two for the new 'verse!

I'm open to characters, plot lines, scenarios.. pretty much anything within the following constraints;
1] this is more-or-less our reality, plus ~100 years.
2] original content.. so no asking for characters that already exist and belong to someone else. Although using a pre-existing character to describe one is ok Eg "someone like Steve Rogers" etc..

and that's more or less it... I'm aiming for more a 'hard' sci-fi world, so magic and super-powers probably not, unless I can think of a good plausible reason why it would work. [it's not magic, it's VR/AR.. or some other hand-wavium]

The other thing is... Ideally, I'd like to get paid for this. [I'm broke!] So, if anyone would like to suggest a method of funding. In the past putting out a tip jar was low-key, but erratic. So... I'm more thinking along the lines of maybe Patreon.

I would continue to post story stuff to here, but maybe like a month after it was available on Patreon, [or wherever I end up] with other perks for regular subscribers etc [like, writing them/their characters into the story, or beta-copies or behind the scenes stuff perhaps.] If you have any suggestions for idea along that lines, or things you'd love, I would be interested in knowing.

The other thing is... all this will only work if I have more readers, and word of mouth is the most effective way of getting people to know about authors. So, I'm asking people to spread the word please. Signal boost..that's all. Do a review if you like my prior stuff perhaps... I know this is nebulous at present but hell I work better when I'm looking at a pile of assorted bits and thinking; 'Now, what can I do with this..?'

Either way, I promise I will write the best story I know how...

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Rebooting RNV Exeter...  
07:48pm 20/01/2017
Syona aka the Silicon Shaman
I have some problems with the projected story arc for this series. Most of which are traceable to the fact that it just doesn't fit well in the polychrome heroes universe.

So... I'm giving serious consideration to rebooting the story by rewriting it somewhat. The existing chapters will be re-posted, but I'll keep the originals up as well. The world will be very similar to ours, but projected forward a hundred years or so. After all, I do all this climate modelling, might as well use that info...

There will be differences in the story, inevitably, but I will keep the majority of characters and events. It's where the story arc was going that I had problems with.

At least.. that's what I'm considering doing. However, I'm interested in feedback, for or against, so please let me know. Conversation hopefully will spark ideas.

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Reality gets a little wobbly at 4am...  
05:40pm 17/01/2017
Syona aka the Silicon Shaman
So, I was up late last night, reading and with a bit of headache, when I had to get in some fuel in for the fire. So, just as opening the coal shed door I spotted movement along the road at the back.

Now it's not unusual to get foxes, rabbits even the occasional badger around here. We're right on the edge fo the suburban area, and out beyond the ring of big grey steel box warehouses are fields and old woodland.

But this was a fox. A pure snow white fox. Very obviously not a dog.

It stopped a moment, sensing I was watching, and looked straight at me with bright blue eyes. Then it blinked, and with a bob of it's head in my direction, trotted off like it had some place else to be.

You do not expect to see a Kitsune in Yorkshire.... especially in the arse-end of nowhere that is Castleford.

But I swear, that's what it seemed to be.

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Magpie monday  
02:35am 10/01/2017
Syona aka the Silicon Shaman
</a></b></a>  is running their usual Magpie Monday prompt call on the theme of "The limits of Villainy" over here.

Go, give prompts, tempt the magpie muse with shinies! and receive short fic-lets in return.

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Safety First!  
11:07pm 08/01/2017
Syona aka the Silicon Shaman
Safety first by siliconshaman.
Story date: day after the events of "For Every Action..."
Characters: Joan, Kate and Jean Wheeler.
Summery: Joan has some family time.

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An "Oh Shit!" moment...  
12:48am 06/01/2017
Syona aka the Silicon Shaman
So, A new study in Science Advances by Wei Liu and colleagues at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in San Diego and the University of Wisconsin-Madison has important implication... link to article about study in layman's terms.

To break it down. A minor correction of the climate change prediction models had unexpected results, showing that the real world Gulf Stream was actually significantly less stable than previously thought and that at point where atmospheric CO2 was double the pre-1990 levels then the Gulf Stream collapsed over a time span of 100 to 300 years [with an error bar of +/- ~50 years]...

Which, since we are already almost at that tipping point, means that the Gulf Stream will start decreasing in strength soon. [if it isn't already]

In every scenario I've seen, this leads to bad things for Britain. Like, a climate more like Norway. I.e Wetter summers and much colder winters for a start. Depending on the decay rate, we can expect to feel the climatic shift within <25 years, losing half of the contribution of the gulf stream by then, at worst...

Europe would also be pretty hard hit, France would see it's growing season cut by a half to to two thirds within 30 years, Spain, Portugal and Southern France would be locked in an unprecedented drought. Large parts of the Middle East and northern Africa would see daytime temperatures peak above 50oC for weeks on end throughout summer., and drop to freezing or below during winter.

The thing is, although the corrected model makes some simplifications, for example abruptly doubling the atms CO2 at the half-way mark rather than modelling a ramping up, the corrected model is more likely to be accurate for predicting the behaviour of the Gulf Stream than prior models. Although, the timing is likely to be off due to it.. ie, more optimistic. Hence the large error bars.

Either way... Britain can NOT take the Gulf Stream and its moderating effects for granted any more.

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Poetry fishbowl week!  
11:25pm 03/01/2017
Syona aka the Silicon Shaman
[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith  has her monthly poetry fishbowl event. This time the theme is "A glitch in the matrix". In her words;

Today's theme is "a glitch in the matrix."  I'll be soliciting ideas for computer programmers, artificial intelligence, time travelers, the misunderstood, fish out of water, outcasts, The Man, troubled relationships, expecting the unexpected, seeing things, fleeing in terror, resisting oppression, facing your demons, spotting patterns, debugging the system, computers, virtual reality, lairs, alleys, liminal zones, the system, government buildings, déjà vu, outliers, computer virus issues, bugs, no it's not a bug it's a feature, disruptions, expectations, unusual vulnerabilities, radical transformation, the inescapable, the indestructable, hubris, humility, humiliation, snags, and poetic forms in particular. But anything is welcome, really.

As usual, there's a linkback poem where new verses are revealed for each signal boost. Here
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Logical error...  
12:30pm 03/01/2017
Syona aka the Silicon Shaman
There are times when I wonder at people's thought processes... specifically, IF there are any.

Ok, so I've built a solar powered lighting system for my workshop. Two panels providing a total of 50watts, and a 12volt 7.2 Amp/hour battery all hooked up via a charge controller and a twilight switch over sensor. [so the lights come on automatically in the dark]

Relatively simple... except it's not.  The charge controller is microprocessor controlled and has a number of bells and whistles, extraneous features to the basic function of something that takes power form the solar panels and charges the battery, while maintaining a constant voltage output to the load. [lights].

And that's where the problem is. The charge controller requires power to work.

At some point in it's design process, a decision was made that the charge controller would ONLY draw power from the battery. Thus, if the battery runs flat[ish] and the voltage falls below a critical point, the charge controller stops working... and will not turn back on even if the solar panels are generating power.

In other words, someone built a battery charger, that doesn't work unless the battery is already [partly] charged.

I'm going to have to build a by-pass, something that will provide a trickle of current via a blocking diode directly to the battery terminals from the smaller 10watt panel. Just so the system will jump-start should it run flat.

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If you are reading this...  
02:05am 01/01/2017
Syona aka the Silicon Shaman
Congratulations, you survived 2016...

Now lets hope that it's not the case that all those that died in the past year knew something we didn't and were checking out early to avoid 2017...

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05:12pm 31/12/2016
Syona aka the Silicon Shaman
Welp, 2016 lies dying on the ground, breathing it's last gasp, thank heavens.

Although personally, it's not been too bad. Bought the house we rent, 'cause that way works out cheaper. Built a forge, building a workshop around it [that's still ongoing]. Had the confidence to tackle building a bed, and pulled it off. Wrote some good stuff I'm told... planning on writing more. Vertigo still kicking my ass, but I'm finding ways to work around it.

OTOH, lost some heroes, and some people I knew personally, although no-one close. Watched America start to self-destruct politically and socially as the Republicans divorced from themselves reality and are now spiralling down the black-hole of fascism under the leadership of a delusional narcissistic compulsive liar and his gaggle of cronies. Which as a method of destroying America society, given their adoption of every backwards hateful anti-progressive stance possible and tendency to loudly "defend themselves" by attacking like rabid pit-bulls at the slightest mention of criticism, couldn't have worked out better if Putin had been behind it... [and no, I don't think he's some sort of James Bond Bad Guy, and is all to blame for it]. 

Still... one good thing about that. Trump's presidency is going to be such a screaming train-wreck, it's doubtful he'll make the full 4 years, and hopefully it will spell the end for every vile disgusting bass-ackward hateful thing he and the rest of the reactionary alt-right stand for.

Downside though, the few remaining decent people who vote Republican are being caught by the splash-back, and a number have pro-activily gone net dark. Including some rather people I rather liked. Mostly because for many people, polite social discourse has died a death, and been replaced by screaming verbal poo-flinging instead.

*sigh* Not how I wanted to remember turning 50. Memorable though.

Not that I feel fifty... more like 21 and holding. I might not have done half of the things I wanted to do by now, but then again at least 3/4 of those were stupid anyway. And at least I now know what I want, and where I'm going [more or less, some details are pending].

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For Every Action...  
03:24am 29/12/2016
Syona aka the Silicon Shaman
Inspired by "Rise above the Earth" by [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith 
Character: Joan Wheeler
Mentioned: Joan's Moms Jean & Kate Wheeler [nee O'Hara]. Mr Rodriquez, Joan's mentor.
Summery: Joan is inspired to 'science' a way to do something new.
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Reparative Actions pt3  
05:04pm 19/12/2016
Syona aka the Silicon Shaman
Final part of this story is up on DreamWidth here only, because it's bigger than LJ allows me to post.
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Teaser #2  
03:14am 18/12/2016
Syona aka the Silicon Shaman
Another vignette, following on from Teaser #1
[for the record, this is set early November the same year after the events of Fire On the Mountain. Winter comes early and hard to the far north of Scotland.]


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Grrr.. Daddy Hulk SMASH!  
05:07pm 13/12/2016
Syona aka the Silicon Shaman
I am so fucking beyond pissed off right now!

My daughter has just come home, very seriously upset after seeing a doctor. She is trying to have her ovaries removed, because as she puts it, she doesn't want them, will not ever have a child, and they are causing her emotional as well as physical pain every month [periods from hell etc]. She's been like this since she was 14, and has expressed the desire for surgery since 16. She's 27 now, it's not a whim.

So, the doctors reaction to learn she was asexual... she must have depression as the result of some underlying psychological problem, and prescribed antidepressants [to a person who has a medical history of not reacting well to them.]

Yeah. that just happened. The doctor essentially said her sexual preference was a medical problem...and no, they wouldn't allow her to do the one thing would definitively cure her hormonal imbalance and wanting to do so was, according to them, self-harming and she had to go into counselling.ing

And then, the turd on the shit cake.. I called to complain..and got told that there was nothing they could do because the practice manger had gone home for the day and any complaint had to be submitted in writing. The person at the other end of the phone literally would not even take a note, put me on hold for ten minutes so she could check the complaints procedure, and then stammered her way through telling me that there was nothing she would do...all without even a hint of an apology or even understanding why they needed to.

I am SO done with that practice. Thankfully, unlike dentists, there are other options locally. And now I think I know why. They don't even have an online complaints procedure.

I So wish I had access to an orbital kinetic energy weapon. SMITE!!

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Signal boost: Poetry fishbowl.  
11:03pm 06/12/2016
Syona aka the Silicon Shaman
Ysabetwordsmith is doing her monthly poetry fishbowl. As she puts it:

Today's theme is "All the news is dark, so light a candle." I'll be soliciting ideas for journalists, reporters, radio hams, creatures of the night, demons, villains, heroes, angels, lovable monsters, the misunderstood, outcasts, nemeses, oppressors, troubled relationships, monster hunters, activists, torchbearers, leaders, explorers, lighting a candle, burning the candle at both ends, candlemaking, fleeing in terror, resisting oppression, facing your demons, passing the torch, instilling hope, tikkun olam, the dark, the chandlery, the Valley of the Shadow, newsrooms, garrets, liminal zones, mad science labs, The Tower, deep forests, other places of light and shadow, torches, candles, bioluminescence, glowing weapons, a ray of hope, the darkest hour is just before dawn, radical transformation, beeswax, Chanukkah, Diwali, Kwanzaa, the moon, cthonic symbolism, good, evil, radio, newspapers, magazines, and poetic forms in particular. But anything is welcome, really.

Go, feed the fishies...
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09:26pm 02/12/2016
Syona aka the Silicon Shaman
Well, that was bit more drama than I really wanted... a lithium battery I was recharging just blew up, sending burning debri flying and filling the room with acrid smoke.

Thankfully no real damage, and no harm done. Just scared the heck out of everyone.

Need a new battery charger now though.

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